Our Services

While several of our services are already being provided by some individuals/organizations on a lais-fair basis, the style and efficiency in the delivery of our services is not only unique but also highly convenient and enriched with value added benefits. Architectural services (produce building plans), sub and super structure works (i.e. welding, roofing, ceiling, plastering, painting laying tiles, doors and windows shattering ) Contract management to attain value for money efficient and effective construction products.

Sale & buying of premises.

The company is also into buying and selling properties; land / building on behalf of property owners. We also act as a bridge between willing buyers and willing sellers in and outside Uganda. We also carry out search & Title Processing Services for various categories of clients.

Property Management & Consultancy.

We also act as trustees for any persons, institutions, or groups of people to manage , maintain and collect rent on behalf of land lords. DTS also provide advisory services/ consultancy in land use matters, landscaping, architectural services, contract management services, building cost estimating among others.

Construction and Renovation Works

DTS also engages in Construction and Renovation works with the help of its sister company, M/s Damude Technical Services Ltd, which has got all the requisite infrastructure, equipment, engineers etc.

Architectural Works

We offer you personalized solutions for your unique architectural design that fits in your project budget, We have a team of designers and engineers who are ready to handle the most intricate projects and offer your technical assistance for any design related inquiries assistance in writing specifications, custom profiles and shapes to achieve your distinct design.

Electrical Installations

We offer a wide range of electrical installations services,, design of electrical systems, repair of electrical systems. These include, house wiring, Lifts and escalators, traffic signaling system, information and commutation technology, factories, among others. Our team of engineers make sure these systems are safe from short circuits, fire outbreaks for any other electrical accident.

Water Supply Works

We offer water supply works for schools, factories, hotels, communities and individuals. We identify and supervise competent plumbers (water technicians).


Our team of creative designers work with you through out the process of choosing which colors look based on your wall. Whether it is an office, shop, home or school, we are the right choice for you. We carefully choose the best quality paint that not only looks good but also lasts longer and does not stick when leaned on.

Welding Service

We deal in metal welding, metal design, assembly and prefabrication. Our metal welding services include metallic gates, sliding window panels, sliding doors, sliding gates, burglar proof steel doors, construction works, among others.

Sanitation Structures & Practices

We undertake the construction of sanitation structures such a toilets, drainage systems, waste disposal, water treatment plants among others. We help to protect health by management of excreta disposal, vector control. We also carry out hygiene improvement campaigns in communities such as access to clean water supply, sanitation and hygiene enabling environment.

Carpentry & Joinery

Our furniture is designed by highly experienced craftsmen who can make anything out of any type of wood. We design and make furniture for office use such as tables, book shelves, office partitioning, wooden floor, and chairs with cushions if necessary. Home furniture such as sideboards, dinning tables, beds, wardrobes, stools and school furniture such as desks, benches.


Our focus of providing quality plumbing services and products combined with honesty has made us the first choice of many residential and commercial clients. You can count on us to take care of your plumbing and drainage needs.

Tile Laying

There is virtually no limit to what you can do with professional tile installation. Our specialists are up-to-date on the latest trends and industry standards, with the experience to think outside of the box. And when you consider our low pricing and one of the best warranties in the business, it’s a total package that is tough to beat.

Roads & Highways

We provide high quality road and highway construction services, our experienced team of engineers is well equipped to handle any road construction project and finish it according to the plan. We also provide and manage construction equipment such as graders, tractors, bulldozers and any other equipment that may be used during the project.

Concrete Works

We deal in the making concrete slabs, concrete bars, concrete bricks and any other products that are made out of concrete. Our concrete products are made from genuine cement and are designed to last, this lives you with no worries of renovations and repairs.