Property Management

We also act as trustees for any persons, institutions, or groups of people to manage , maintain and collect rent on behalf of land lords. DTS also provide advisory services/ consultancy in land use matters, landscaping, architectural services, contract management services, building cost estimating among others.

Damude Technical Services provides Property Management services to residential properties for both leasehold properties and freehold properties. The service is provided for Residents Associations, Flat Management Companies, Landlords and Freeholders. This can be from a wide variety of exclusive rental properties from luxury apartments to detached properties.

Asset Management

We manage property assets by managing property-related supply chains through enabling our customers’ capital and maintenance programmes by providing value-added solutions that deliver long term cost savings, strategic advantage and operational efficiency due to benefits like reducing and controlling costs, providing transparency of service, controlling and minimising risk, increasing customer satisfaction.

Land Use Management

We carry out a comprehensive service of on-site sampling, laboratory analysis and consultancy conducted on existing property and potential new sites like ccontaminated Land Analysis, land valuations site Investigation, assessment of land for valuation purposes and of neighbourhood ingress risk, approvals and planning process, sewer and water servicing design, drainage plans, typographic surveys, construction supervision and contract administration.