About Us

DAMUDE TECHNICAL SERVICES Ltd (DTS) is a legally registered Construction company limited by shares with registration number 125403 attained in 2000. The company deals in concrete works, construction, water, roads & highways, sanitation structures & practices, carpentry & joinery, plumbing, electrical installations, tile laying, painting, welding service and property management in Uganda. It is disturbing to get trustworthy and skilled tradesmen in Uganda, DTS acts as a bridge to land developers and structures face-lifting to get such tradesmen.

The offices of DTS are located at Namugongo, Kira Town Council, Wakiso District about 15km from Kampala City center. The company also deals in waste resources recovery to get affordable lighting and cooking energy for rural and/or poor communities in Uganda. The bio gas system project is highly being considered to achieve this noble cause thereby save over usage of the water bodies to generate hydro-power energy, that’s also expensive for the majority Ugandans.


DTS has been providing civil and engineering and property management services since its inception 2000. The company has exhibited positive and excellent growth arising from vast experiences in this practice. The Directors of DTS resolved to re-organize and professionalize the company's operations. As a result of these efforts, the business has come up with a clear vision; solid objectives; and new services/products that we hope and believe will interest our customers.

Our Vision

It is our vision that DTS remains one of the astute and most professional contractors in Uganda and in the East Africa with emphasis on public safety. We achieve this through innovation, technology, and community partnerships. We strive to integrate the concepts of appropriate technology depending on our community requirements and achieve our vision through collaborative problem solving and future thinking.

Our Mission

It is our mission that DTS extends quality serve to Ugandan citizens, both within and Diaspora, by providing professional civil & engineering, building maintenance, and coordinating skilled tradesmen and property developers.


To provide quality, affordable, efficient and effective construction planning, execution, monitoring & evaluation services to Ugandans in conformity to public health, building, and UNBS laws and regulations.

  • To create convenience and increased value for money for our clients by having all services/products under one roof.
  • To ensure danger free access and consumption of real estate Services/Products like fraud that Ugandans within and in Diaspora used to fall prey to.
  • To act as an enthusiastic bridge between skilled & trustworthy tradesmen and the property/land developers property renovators.
  • To promote a more dynamic and efficient real estate business by introducing integrated services/products akin to a one stop civil and engineering services center.
  • To give civil & engineering and real estate business integrity and a place clients can trust and be proud to use particularly in Uganda.
  • To provide cheap and easily accessible renewable energy e.g. bio gas for majority of Ugandans, thereby saving the water bodies from depletion.

Company Core Values

We, the men and women of DTS Company, pledge to infuse our core values in every aspect of our service to our community and clients. Our six core values are:

  • Integrity – We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness, and ethical character.
  • Professionalism – We are skilled in the performance of our duties and governed by the code of ethics that demands integrity by word or by act publically and privately, the allegiance to our oath of office and the laws that govern our nation and professionals.
  • Trust – We must value and nurture the trust we earn through honesty and excellence in service. We pledge to treat those we serve and have sworn to protect with courtesy, respect, dignity, and compassion to achieve that trust.
  • Collaboration – We value importance of our employees, community and clients and will go to necessary heights to coordinate the 3 categories of people to ensure maximum service delivery and of-course company growth and expansion.
  • Transparency and accountability – The employees and clients when aware of the company’s values, mission and vision develop a certain level of ownership[ and dedicate all their energies and time to developing the company for ultimate clients’ satisfaction. Accountability for public and private funds won through right channels will be reflected both physically on the ground and on paper in conformity with local and international standard financial regulations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – In recognition of the community’s cooperation and support through provision of labour and security, the company will put up impact projects for the community’s benefits. Such projects will include, but limited to, education centers, health centers (especially maternity and paediatric wards), water supply systems, special children’s centers etc.
  • Flexible payment terms – We extend services at agreed upon installment payments to clients to enable them own property affordably.